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Your Guide to Self-Realization

I AM here for YOU. I am bringing to you the ancient Soma Amrita,
the elixir of non-death, the origin and life changing experience of YOGA. 


 I have travelled the world, visible and invisible, searching and learning about life, our passage here, and ancestral ways and teachings of liberation and awakening. I am here to guide you in the timeless path of Yatra Yoga, a journey to the roots and the Source of who you truly are. 

In love, joy and blissful poetry of our body, heart, mind and spirit, I invite you to jump in the most extraordinary adventure of a life-time. It is an honor to lead you, beyond all limitation, to see that you divine and manifest a life of passion aligning with your unique purpose in this reality. 

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is a unique path rooted in the most ancients yogic scripture; the Rig-Vedas, the Bhagavad Gita, the Sutra of Patanjali and Soma Amrita, the elixir of the gods. It is the golden way to your Soul, the Source and Supreme consciousness.

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In Love

Are you ready to feel an ecstatic, magical and transformative experience?


Are you ready to embark on a journey that leads to joy, freedom, unconditional love, awakening and self-realization ? 

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Passage through existence

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